Written and Illustrated by Hinata Kino

Translated by Jan Askhoj

In the vast world of the Web,

The clouds of Data and Services are flowing.

In these clouds that we normally don’t notice,

a great tree is towering.

This is the LOD world-tree.

In the LOD world-tree, we can meet the fairies.

The fairies have their own personalities and roles,

and their own places to dwell.

The LOD fairies love to make friends.

By forming connections of friendship <Link> with other fairies,

They acquire new powers.

<Metadata> is what helps the fairies in their search for friends.

In the <Metadata> are features that allow the fairies to find friends.

Thanks to <Metadata> the fairies can cooperate to do great things.

By doing so,

their connections become the branches and limbs of the world-tree.

The innumerable connections between the fairies

form and shape the great world-tree.

New fairies come to live in the LOD world-tree

and by doing so extend the branches and limbs.

Even now, vibrant growth is taking place.

Why don’t you have a peek at how the fairies live?